Why partner with Prospect Tree Mortgages

Working with Prospect Tree Mortgages an be a great opportunity for businesses, particularly those in estate agency, accounting, and legal industries. By partnering with us, these businesses can offer their clients a high-quality mortgage advice service, while also earning a share of the commissions generated through lenders and insurance companies.

One of the key benefits of working with Prospect Tree Mortgages is our proven process for finding the right mortgage product for each individual client. We take the stress out of navigating the mortgage marketplace by handling all of the paperwork and communication between solicitors and estate agents. We’ll also keep clients updated throughout the entire process, so they always know what to expect next.

Another important benefit of working with Prospect Tree Mortgages is that it can help estate agents to increase the number of successful sales. By ensuring that their clients are financially qualified before they begin the process of buying a home, estate agents can decrease the number of fall-throughs and the amount of time they waste on deals that are unlikely to close. This can help them close more deals in a shorter amount of time and increase their overall revenue.

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