Why use a mortgage broker?

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Why use a mortgage broker?

Getting a mortgage is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll make in your life, therefore it’s very important you get it right.

What’s more, the mortgage market is immensely competitive, there are lots of different lenders and a range of products and rates and this can naturally create lots of stress and uncertainty.

In this article, we briefly explore the role of a mortgage broker and discuss why you should use a broker to arrange your mortgage.

What is a mortgage broker?

A mortgage broker is an individual or company that acts as an intermediary between you and a mortgage lender. Mortgage brokers will work with you and offer you regulated advice on mortgage products that suit you best. They can help with first time mortgages or support you to release equity and or reduce your monthly mortgage repayments via a remortgage. Mortgage brokers, also known as financial advisers are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.  

Why use a mortgage broker?

There are many advantages to using a mortgage broker, we’ve listed the major advantages below:

Whole of market access

Mortgage brokers have access to the “whole market.” This means they can offer you a wide selection of loans through a host of different lenders. This is in contrast to obtaining a mortgage via a high street bank who can only offer you a product from their own range.


Using a mortgage broker will allow you to save large amounts of time. Most mortgage brokers are flexible with their approach, they might take calls after work hours and are sometimes even willing to meet you at a place most convenient to you. Your mortgage broker will also arrange all the necessary paperwork and liaise with the lender on your behalf, this ensures a smooth process.

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