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Mortgages for Sports Professionals

We work with sportsmen and women throughout the entirety of their careers. Whatever sport you play professionally, whether you are a footballer, athlete, rugby player or professional coach, getting a mortgage can be a little more complicated than you might expect.

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We work with sportsmen and women throughout the entirety of their careers. Whatever sport you play professionally, whether you are a footballer, athlete, rugby player or professional coach, getting a mortgage can be a little more complicated than you might expect.

Our mortgage & protection team can help you find the best mortgage & protection products for sports professionals and get you the property loan you require.

Specialising in sports professionals’ mortgages means knowing how sports players income is made up, from short term contracts to appearance bonuses and win bonuses as well as subsidiary income from advertising and TV work.

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What are mortgages for sports professionals?

We work with players receiving theorist professional contract through to clients nearing sports retirement age that may be moving into other sports related occupations such as paid TV or coaching work.

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Mortgages for sports professionals include homes for you and your family to live in, second homes you will stay in occasionally or property investment mortgages (Buy to Let) for property you will rent out. As your career develops there may be additional sources of income that can be used when applying for a loan as well as future plans that you may wish to consider. 

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Why do sports professionals find it harder to get a mortgage?

Professional athletes, despite their potential high net worth, are often viewed as a lending risk. This is often because of the short-term fixed contracts most clubs will offer. Depending on the nature of their sport, some professionals can be highly susceptible to injury that may cut their sporting career short or impact the amount or nature of remuneration they receive.

Sporting careers tend to have a shorter shelf life than others. Many sport professionals retire in their 30’s or 40’s, or even earlier in some cases. Some mortgage lenders may be willing to lend to sport professionals based on their age at the time of applying for the mortgage and their predicted retirement age.

Many sportspeople also receive additional sporadic income from factors such as bonuses, sponsorship and appearance fees. This can also prove difficult for a standard mortgage lender to assess.

When looking for a mortgage as a sports professional, lenders are likely to consider the following:

How long you have been playing professionally?

Many lenders will want to see that you have been a sport professional in your chosen field for at least two years. This allows them to assess income over time. However, some lenders many offer you a mortgage deal based on anticipated income if you have just been signed by a new club or sponsor.


Many sportspeople travel regularly as part of their role, moving around nationally or internationally. Therefore, the portability of a potential mortgage deal is something that could be important, flexibility is key if you may need to relocate.

Residential Status

If you are an overseas citizen and have moved to the UK to play professional sport, you could initially face difficulty getting as UK mortgage deal as you may not have any UK credit history.

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As a sports insurance specialist, we provide cover for professionals who compete in over 20 different sports, including football, rugby, cricket, horse racing, golf, basketball and boxing.

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Mackrell Solicitors

At Mackrell.Solicitors, our Sports Law team work with you proactively, transparently and effectively to achieve your goals.

Our holistic approach means we are very approachable, always a part of your team and work fast to take advantage of your opportunities or help you solve an issue.

We are well-connected within the sports network and often assist our clients in developing their own ‘off the pitch’ team of advisers to ensure they receive a comprehensive range of expertise. Through Mackrell International, 4500 lawyers in over 60 countries, our sports clients also benefit from our fast and easy access to expertise around the world.

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