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Our aim is to help you calculate the maximum loan on your remortgage, find you the best remortgage deals available to you and where necessary, help you switch from your current lender. Our brokers have access to the whole market and will find the remortgage products which suit you best.

Why choose Prospect Tree to remortgage

A remortgage is where you take out a new mortgage on a property you already own – either to replace your existing mortgage, or to borrow more money against your property. 

Our mortgage brokers in Kent have a wealth of knowledge and experience and are experts in providing advice remortgage that best suits you.  Whether you are looking to find a more competitive interest rate or free up capital, our expert local mortgage brokers are at hand to advise you. 

Once you get in touch, we will work with you to review your current mortgage product. We will calculate how much you could borrow as an addition to your existing mortgage and run remortgage calculations across the entire UK market of remortgage products.

You may find that your situation has changed since you last took out a mortgage so we will help you find a remortgage product which suits your current needs.

​Prospect Tree Mortgages assess the entire market to make sure we get you the best possible terms, we offer quality service, discretion and have the ability to work though complex lending scenarios.

Your current deal is about to end

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Best remortgage rates

Tip: you may be able to secure a remortgage rate up to six months early. As interest rates continue to rise, it really could be a case of ‘early bird gets the worm’.

You want a better rate

If you are tied into a fixed rate product then you might have to pay an early repayment charge (2-5% of your outstanding loan) which may not make financial sense. However, if you are concerned about rising interest rates then it’s worth taking the time to calculate the potential savings you could make against any charges you may have to pay.

It could be the case that remortgaging prior to your current product ending makes financial sense. This will depend on your personal circumstances and before remortgaging you should take advice and carefully consider all of the implications.

“It was not an easy re-mortgaging exercise, but Graeme Childs never gave up on us and persevered until he found us the mortgage that we needed”

You worry about interest rates going up

Switch from an interest-only to a repayment mortgage

You shouldn’t actually need to remortgage to do this, your lender should be happy to make the change for you. Of course this will depend on your circumstances and the lender will want to run an affordability calculation in order to determine whether you can afford the higher repayments.

You can even change part of the loan to capital repayment and leave some on your interest-only deal, which is particularly useful for anyone with an underperforming endowment mortgage which is expected to result in a shortfall at the end of the term.

Can I borrow more?

Our mortgage advisors will help you with all of the remortgage calculations, so you can be confident that you are making the right choices and fully understand the conditions of your loan.

A lender will want to know why you are remortgaging and what the additional money you want to borrow is for. Most reasons are absolutely fine, but many have an issue with borrowing against your residential property for business purposes.

The most commonly accepted reasons to raise money are for home improvements and paying off other debts. Just be prepared for your lender to ask for evidence if you are borrowing a large amount, e.g. builder quotes, or proof that you have paid off the debts once the remortgage has gone through.

Our mortgage brokers in Kent have a wealth of knowledge and are experts in providing advice that best suits you. Whether you are looking to find a more competitive interest rate or free up capital, our expert local mortgage brokers are at hand to advise you. 

Get in touch today and we will help you with your remortgage calculations so you can find out how much you can borrow on your remortgage.

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