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Properly dealing with household waste

Not dealing with household waste properly will quickly land you in hot water. We spoke to Tony Hughes, Managing Director of CDDL Recycling for his advice on dealing with your household waste.

Licence Holder

Any waste company that you use for clearing any types of waste from your property should have a waste carriers’ licence. What I would also add to this is you should use a company that has a land line phone number, has a sign written van and issues you paperwork which is in the same companies name. Combined, this gives you confidence that you are dealing with a reputable company.


Any company that takes away your waste must be able to provide evidence on where you waste is disposed of this should be in the form of weighbridge tickets from the location the waste was tipped.

Hazardous Waste

Fridges and freezers are classed as Hazardous Waste, these can not end up the in the scrap system, they are a cost to dispose of, if these are left outside of properties and they are taken away it is more than likely the black fridge motor of the back will be removed and the unit will be fly tipped. The fridge motor has a value and can be sold as scrap, but the unit cannot.

Paying for disposal of your waste.

The average cost for disposal of waste from households is £140 per tonne. If you have an amount of waste and you are given a price that you think is very cheap, then you should take care the waste is not fly tipped. A reputable waste company must pay for disposal and pay for employees, insurance, fuel, and taxes, therefor must charge a fair price when handling and disposing of your waste.

Consequences of using the wrong firm

Should you employ someone to remove waste from your property who is not a licenced waste carrier, and they dump your waste illegally, you could still be fined. If waste can be traced back to you then you will be issued an Environmental Agency fine of £400 with little to no chance of disputing it.

This entry was kindly provided by Tony Hughes of CDDL Recycling. For any queries regarding waste management or recycling then please visit them.

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