A landscapers top tips: for your garden this Winter

from Bill Cordès, Director and Landscaper at Cordès Horticultural Ltd in East-Kent

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Whether you have a postage stamp garden or sprawling country estate, a well-maintained garden adds value to your property, decreases stress and encourages pollinators.

Below are some important tasks you can get stuck into in your garden this winter.

1. Pruning

Take advantage of the visibly clearer canopy in deciduous trees and shrubs to remove crossing and congested stems, along with dead, diseased or damaged material. Always trim to just above a node to encourage new growth and prevent future disease. Stone-fruit trees are an exception – they are best trimmed in summer.

2. Bird Feeding

Provide a winter meal and fresh water for birds at a scarce time of year for foraging opportunities. Inviting birds to your garden is not just a wholesome experience – birds also feed on the pests that damage your plants and trees.

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Photo by Peter Steele on Pexels.com

3. Fencing

Repairing or replacing your boundaries is best done when your perennials are dormant and less susceptible to damage. For a natural look, Jacksons Fencing timber products carry a 25-year guarantee against wood rot and insect attack. They have a list of approved installers all over the UK.

4. Exterior Cleaning

Neglected paths and patios can be treacherous in the winter, particularly in shady spots. Dust off the jet wash or invite a local pressure washing company to provide a quote to clean your paving.

5. Tree Planting

Buying bare root trees represents great value for money. Planting can be undertaken from November to March if the soil isn’t frozen. Trees provide shade, oxygen, food for pollinators and habitats for wildlife.

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Remember the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago… the second best time is now!

Do you need a great landscape gardener for your garden project and not sure how to find one?

Visit landscaper.org.uk to find the best companies in your area belonging to the Association of Professional Landscapers. All members go through a rigorous inspection process covering paperwork and process, health and safety and quality of workmanship. They are then regular assessed thereafter.

Special thanks to Bill Cordès at Cordès Horticultural Ltd for providing these top 5 tips.

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