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Architect’s Tips: Moving bricks and not your home

At some stage we have all thought about needing more space around the house and then begins the search for a bigger property. A viable option to moving is to extend or remodel your existing property.

Collaborating with an architectural designer, they are able to offer advice and guidance on how to navigate the planning process to achieve cost effective design solution that works for you.

The process breaks down into five key stages:

The first step is to arrange a meeting with an architectural designer to discuss your ideas and expectations. From this initial consultation they are able to advised on the feasibility of your ideas in regard to build ability, relevant planning permissions, Building Regulations, budgetary restraints, and time scales.

Planning Design Stage

Once a fee proposal has been accepted a dimensional and photographic survey of your property would be undertaken to prepare existing plans and elevations and based upon the brief taken at the feasibility stage, proposed plans, elevations, and cross sections are drawn up to enable you visualise and comment on the proposed works and to ensure that the project meets with your approval.

The architectural designer will balance your requirements against the relevant planning requirements and once this balance has been achieved, the next step is to make the relevant planning application to the Local Authority.

Planning Application Submission

There are various planning applications that you can apply for, and the architectural designer will be able to advise on the relevant permission you will need.

A good guide to what you need permission for can be found here

Using the planning stage drawings, the architectural designer can then finalise them into formal planning drawings which will meet with the Local Authorities requirements. They will also complete all the relevant documentation and then make the relevant application for planning permission to the Local Authority.

The architectural designer will function as your agent in this process and will deal directly with the Local Authority on any matters arising in connection with the application to ensure a positive outcome.

Planning applications on average take three months for a decision notice. This may change due to the nature of the application, and we will be able to advise you accordingly.

Construction drawings

Key to any project success is clear and concise construction details and specifications and this where an architectural designer can really make the difference with your project. By producing all the relevant detail drawings and specifications to a high standard ensures the following:

  • Accurate construction costs
  • Avoids confusion during construction
  • Ensures project complies with current Building Regulations

Typically a set of construction drawings will contain:

  • Setting out plans – IE foundations, drainage, floor and roof plans
  • Construction details – IE foundations, walls, floors etc.
  • Specialist details
  • Cross sections
  • Specification notes

Building regulations

Once planning permission has been obtained and prior to starting building works, the construction detail drawings are subject to Building Regulation approval by either the Local Authority Building Control Department or an approved Independent Inspector.

Building regulations are a set of requirements laid down by Central Government to ensure that building construction works are conducted to approved standards. These include:

  • The health, safety, and welfare of people in and around building
  • The conservation of fuel and energy within buildings
  • Ease of access and facilities for disabled people in public and commercial buildings
  • Fire safety and means of escape from buildings.

They cover a wide range of building works from major office, shop, and residential developments to domestic works like extensions – loft conversions, garages.

For further information on current Government Building Regulations click here

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