Preparing Your Home to Go On The Market

If you are looking to sell your home in Ashford, you’ll want to consider how you present your property to get maximum interest. When it comes to marketing your home and getting it ready for the photographs to be taken, you’d be surprised by the little details that tend to be overlooked and make quite the difference. So, here’s our top tips to consider when getting ready to market your property:

What’s worth doing?

If it’s going to cost a lot of money, don’t bother. There are many inexpensive ways to freshen up a property whether it be touching up some of the decorative order to having a good clean of your home. While it’s important to try and spend as little as possible on a home you are looking to move from, it’s also important to bare in mind that doing something cost effectively needs to still look reasonable and quick fixes can sometimes do more damage than good. When in doubt, ask your agent.

Quick touch ups

On that note, if there are any simple repair jobs that need doing, such as broken door handles, noticeable wall scuffs, old looking grout/silicone in bathrooms etc then making sure these are seen to can make an obvious and easy difference.

Declutter and Depersonalise

Removing some personal items can help the saleability of a home. For example, if there are lots of photographs around, removing them for the purpose of selling not only protects your privacy but helps add an air of freshness to your home. De-personalising your home can also help your potential buyer see themselves living there more easily. De-cluttering is also a really good way to make your home look it’s best when it comes to marketing.

Find a new home for the dog bowl

If you have pets, keeping as much of their things out of the way for photographs is always advisable. Having your home look as minimalist as possible when it comes to pets can make the world of difference.

Don’t forget outdoors

Tidying up any outside space is something that will make a huge difference to your home as that first impression is likely to go a long way. Does the front door need a fresh coat of paint? Has your doormat seen better days? These are quick fixes that won’t cost the earth but will make an immediate impact on your potential buyer. Now that winter is fading and we are into spring, nature will do it’s part in helping your garden look fresher – where budding greenery isn’t enough, making sure any patios are washed down, bushes trimmed back and mowing the lawn are things that should be top of your priority list!

Preparing for viewings

On the day of your viewings, try to air the house, empty the bins and make some fresh coffee or simply put out some fragrant flowers in your home as these enticing smells will all add to the overall experience of how your potential buyer is going to feel about your home. Also, if you have an outbuilding, garden office or garage, make sure the keys are readily available as your potential buyer will almost certainly want to see inside these too.

The devil is in the detail

There is no comprehensive or sure fire way to help your property sell. But, by making sure the little details aren’t overlooked will only decrease the likelihood of negative feedback and give any prospective buyers the best opportunity to envisage themselves in what could well be their new home!

If you are thinking about moving and want some specific pointers on how you can best prepare your home for the market, just contact us and we’ll be happy to come out to see you and give you best advice to suit your property. Tel 01233 367606

Don’t forget your finances!

If you’re planning a move then a crucial step is organising your finances. We work with Prospect Tree Mortgages, who are fantastic mortgage brokers based here in Ashford. They can help you figure out your budget, organise an Agreement in Principle, and ensure you’re in the best financial position to turn your dreams into reality. Visit them here to book a free appointment.

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