Mortgages for Entertainment Industry Professionals

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Prospect Tree Mortgages help many people in the entertainment industry and other creative professions find a mortgage. We appreciate the varied nature of your work and the nature of your working hours.

At Prospect Tree Mortgages we aim to make things as easy as possible. We will liaise with all professions involved in your transaction, Lenders, Solicitors’, and Estate Agents to support you throughout the process. This allows you can focus on winning work, while we do all the legwork for you.

We understand it is not always possible to know where your next piece of work is coming from. We are on hand to provide guidance and advice as well as assist with preparation for a mortgage application.

What could have been complicated was made very simple and stress free by Prospect Tree Mortgages. If you’re an actor thinking about getting a mortgage, I highly recommend discussing it with Prospect Tree Mortgages

Emily Taaffe – Actress, Writer, Producer

Can I get a Mortgage?

Affordability will be the main factor in determining whether you can get a mortgage, regardless of your profession. It is important our clients understand this process and the factors that contribute to the affordability calculation and above all do not overstretch themselves.

We specialise in securing mortgages for clients with a variable income, self-employed and short-term contracts. We often work alongside our clients’ accountants to get the best possible outcome for our client.

Our advisors have excellent relationships with mainstream and specialist lenders alike. As we understand the nature of your income streams we are ideally placed to find the most suitable mortgage for your specific circumstances and requirements.

Your income

We know that your income can vary and often come from different sources. We regularly help clients who have multiple income sources such as:

  • Limited Company
  • Sole Trader
  • Short Term Contracts
  • PAYE Positions

We often find our clients have combinations of the above, and in some case benefit income or tax credits, we really have seen it all!

Curious about what you could borrow?

Get in touch with Prospect Tree Mortgages to discuss your situation and find out your options. Let us work with you!

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