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We are specialists in helping those in the entertainment industry secure the best mortgages available to them and their unique circumstances. If you are in the entertainment industry and are seeking a mortgage, or just curious about the options which are available to you, then you have come to the right place. Read on, to find out more.

Entertainment Industry

Understandably your financial situation is subject to fluctuations. Being a creative artist means that your work varies considerably throughout your career. There will be times of great success with an income to match, but also periods where opportunities may not be as easy to find, and your finances need to be a little tighter. 

That should not stop you from getting a mortgage and securing the house of your dreams, that’s just how this industry works. 

When high street mortgage lenders say ‘no’, it is because they do not wish to take on the particular nature of your industry. Their screening process is rigid and is sometimes unable to bend enough to accommodate you. 

That’s why it’s so important that you speak with us first. 

“What could have been complicated was made very simple and stress free by Prospect Tree Mortgages. If you’re an actor thinking about getting a mortgage, I highly recommend discussing it with Prospect Tree Mortgages”

Emily Taaffe – Actress, Writer, Producer

We are not tied to any one bank or building society. We have access to a huge and comprehensive range of mortgage lenders, who we KNOW will look at your professional income properly, who understand the fluctuations and the opportunities that you encounter as a person working in the entertainment industry. 

Our advisors will help you secure your new home – and to keep it too! Tailoring a range of wage protection, health and financial security plans we can protect your investments during your career, which enables you to focus 100% on the passion that truly makes you happy. 

“We have used Prospect Tree Mortgages a number of times and always found them to be professional and knowledgeable, particularly around my own specific circumstances. I would recommend anyone in the Entertainment Industry to speak to these guys!”

Ben Schiffer – Screenwriter & Producer

How is an Actor/Entertainer paid?

This may be a short-term contract for perhaps 3/6 or 12 months or a rolling annual contract. In this instance, we will look to place lending with mortgage lenders that will use your day rate. The amount you can borrow can be very high when calculated this way. You will need to have a history of subsequent contracts or be in a long-term contract presently.

Freelance – Sole Trader & Limited Company
Your income will be running through a Limited company or as a sole-trader. Mortgage lenders will use your net profit as per your tax return or in the case of a Ltd company they will require your company accounts. It is possible to secure a mortgage with just 1 year’s figures.

“The team at Prospect Tree Mortgages were brilliant from start to finish. They were able to find a bespoke solution to suit my specific circumstances and mortgage needs. They were flexible and able to fit around my schedule, whilst being very communicative throughout. I have already recommended Prospect Tree to several friends and film industry colleagues, and I will definitely be using them next time too!”

Katie Littleton-Sanders – Film Producer

Exclusive Discount for Production Base Members

To help you get started, we are offering ProductionBase members an exclusive £100 discount from our brokerage fee.

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