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What being an ‘Independent Mortgage Broker’ actually means


Being ‘Independent’ means our advisers can offer advice from across the mortgage market. There is no need to waste time carrying out unnecessary research when we have it all at our fingertips. It is important that clients understand what independence in the mortgage market means and that they have the information required to choose an expert who can truly offer an independent advice service. 

After completing a fact find with our clients, our experts look at all products, solutions and lenders from across the market and make recommendations based on a client’s individual needs and circumstances. As well as being able to recommend from the usual range of mortgage products and solutions we are also able to offer our clients advice and access to specialist products that include second charge mortgage loans.

Only mortgage brokers who are able to advise on the entire range of products available in the mortgage market are able to call themselves an ‘Independent’ broker. But be careful, some firms and advisers are tied to a particular panel of lenders and cannot offer you ‘whole of market’ advice. When you work with Prospect Tree Mortgages you employ the services of a properly qualified and established firm of mortgage advisers that offers ‘whole of market’ advice.

Prospect Tree Mortgages has independent status which means we can offer the best advice and recommend products based on a client’s specific individual needs, from across the entire mortgage market. With access to all the products and specialist solutions such as bridging loans and second charge mortgages. When a client contacts Prospect Tree we understand that they place their trust in us and expect to receive impartial, expert advice, based on all lenders and products in the mortgage market.

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