NHS discount on Mortgage and Protection services provided by Prospect Tree Mortgages.

Prospect Tree Mortgages offer exclusive discounts for NHS staff who need mortgage advice and services.

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NHS Staff Mortgages

Whether it’s a helpful guide or offering free workshops to organisations who want to empower their staff, we’ve got you covered.

Mortgages are such an important milestone in life, yet something we are not taught about in school. So often, even the most highly educated adults can find themselves confused and stressed when it comes to finding the best mortgage products for them.

This stress is often exacerbated by highly demanding careers, leaving us with little time to get our heads around the process, let alone be confident that you have the best deal in place.

Prospect Tree Mortgages offer an exclusive £100 discount to NHS staff.

One such career would be working for the NHS. No matter what you do for the NHS, the importance of your job will often mean that you are unavailable for phone calls during business hours. With solicitors, lenders and estate agents generally being open from 9 to 5, this can prove extremely inconvenient when trying to purchase a property or organise a mortgage as an NHS worker.

How can we help?

We take a flexible approach to mortgage advice, which makes us a great choice if you work for the NHS.

You don’t need to worry about knowing what to ask, as your mortgage expert will gather what they need from you in your initial conversation with them.

As well as finding out the key facts, they will also ask about your goals and priorities. This will help them select the best mortgage products to discuss with you later.

Once you are ready to make your application, they will project manage your case from beginning to end and keep you updated when you hit key milestones.

As you’ll be busy at work, they will deal with the estate agents and solicitors on your behalf. We do this so you can relax and be rest assured that you are always moving forward.

Independent & whole of market

Being whole of market, we can access the entire range of mortgage products available on the marketplace. So, you don’t need to worry about second guessing whether you have the best deal or not. We will help you find the best mortgages available to NHS staff.

NHS mortgages discount

Prospect Tree Mortgages only deal in success! By this, we mean that we only collect our broker fee once we have successfully got you a mortgage offer.

We are offering a discount of £100 from this fee, exclusive to NHS workers. Remember, this fee will only be collected when you have your mortgage offer.

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