Mortgages for Police Officers with Prospect Tree Mortgages

Mortgages for Police officers

Applying for a mortgage often feels like a long-drawn-out process. Finding the time to organise it around a 9 to 5 job can be difficult enough, but once you add the pressures on an active police officer into the mixing pot, it can seem like an impossible task.

This is on top of the same worries that any other mortgage applicant would have, such as saving for a deposit, worrying about credit scores, and finding the best mortgage deal from the thousands of products on offer.

What extra help does a Police Officer need with a Mortgage?

Given the highly demanding nature of a job with the police, you will need a mortgage advisor who can take as much of the work away from you as possible. 

It’s hardly reasonable to expect you to spend hours on hold to lenders or chasing solicitors whilst you are at work or resting before your next shift. But despite your intense job with the police, the mortgage lenders and solicitors will still demand this time from you.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any shortcuts on offer for police officers seeking mortgages – so that’s where we come in.

How Prospect Tree Mortgages process can help Police officers

At Prospect Tree Mortgages, we have processes in place which makes us an ideal choice for Police officers.

Telephone appointments

Whilst it may seem strange, many brokers are unable or unwilling to offer mortgage advice and services over the telephone.

At Prospect Tree Mortgages, we are set up to work completely remotely. This is advantageous as it means if you only have a few fleeting moments to get in touch, we can still discuss our full range of services with you wherever you happen to be.

Submitting your documentation

You may have found that mortgage brokers require you to visit them to drop off your documentation. If you’re a police officer, this is far from ideal. Prospect Tree Mortgages are able to deal with your documents remotely, so if even if you are very short on time, you can still get your documents to us securely and then rely on us to do the rest.

A complete mortgage service

Buying a property often requires you to spin many plates at once. This means liaising with estate agents, solicitors, and your mortgage lenders all at once.

Whilst you would probably hope that they would all just stay in touch with one another, often this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Estate agents will often defer enquiries back to solicitors and solicitors back to the lender and so on. This can be extremely frustrating when all you need is a simple answer!

Wouldn’t it be better if you could just leave it with someone, and only be contacted if there is an issue or better, the job is done?

Getting the right mortgage for you

Police officers and those working with the police are highly regarded by mortgage lenders. This is because many of them will view you as professionals. Therefore, it is so important that you get advice from a mortgage broker who has access to the whole market.

Being viewed as a professional will mean that you have access to preferential mortgage products that those in other jobs may not. It would be a shame to miss out on these products by speaking to only a few lenders or a broker who cannot access these mortgage rates.

Prospect Tree Mortgages will search the entire market to help you find the best mortgage products available to you and your unique circumstances.

How to get in touch?

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