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What to do when your mortgages fixed rate comes to an end

It may not even make a huge difference to the monthly payment amount and therefore fall to the bottom of your ‘to do list’, but all the time you are on a lenders standard variable rate you are at the mercy of any rate change that may occur. This is the main reason why carrying out a mortgage review BEFORE your existing fixed rate period comes to an end. 
It is best to speak to a broker three or four months in advance of the end of your fixed rate period to make sure there is enough time to research and organise the new mortgage deal so when the old one finishes it will simply move over to the new one seamlessly. 
Prospect Tree Mortgages are able to look at the whole of the marketplace in order to source the best mortgage deal available to you and your circumstances. This is the most efficient way of making sure you not only have the best deal for you but also save as much time and effort as possible. In short leave it all to us! The vast majority of remortgage deals come with FREE legal work and a FREE valuation. Great incentives to switch to a better deal.

Reasons to speak to Prospect Tree Mortgages about your mortgage

We will explore options that may have previously not been available to you due to credit issues, lender criteria or timescale. After our review and research process you may find a lender with more favourable interest rates is now available to you.
We will explain everything that is going to happen clearly and concisely. There are no stupid questions and it is important we cover any uncertainties you may have prior to applying for anew mortgage. You really can ask us anything, we want you to understand and be comfortable with your new mortgage.

We will tell you what we need from you to go ahead with your application, after this you can leave it with us. We will complete your mortgage application and liaise with the chosen lender throughout the process to get your mortgage offer. This means you can forget about any lengthy hold music chasing up your offer, leave that to us.
Your broker will support you all the way through the process keeping you updated with the progress from beginning to end. If you have any questions along the way we are only at the other end of a phone to chat.
Don’t let your mortgage fall off your radar and end up on the standard variable rate, you really are just throwing your money away. Get in touch and see what we can do for you.

Also – After your broker has helped you once, you’ll find they even save you the bother of remembering in the future as they’ll contact you in advance every time for your review!

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