Prospect Tree Mortgages can help you save money on your remortgage

Prospect Tree Mortgages are Here to Help You Save on Your Remortgage

With access to the entire intermediary marketplace, we are best suited to find you the best remortgage rates available to you and your unique circumstances.

With the price of literally everything going up, many UK homeowners are looking to make savings wherever possible. However, many neglect to look at their mortgage which is often their single largest monthly outgoing.

Finding a mortgage product with a lower monthly rate can easily reduce your monthly out-goings, so why not check whether you could save?

Why else would you remortgage?

Interest rates are rising right now! The Bank of England has already increased their base rate twice since December 2021 and has commented saying that further rate rises may be necessary.

If you are currently on a standard variable rate mortgage, then you could see your monthly repayments increase with it. You may be better off on a fixed-rate mortgage which will protect you from interest rate rises in the short term.

You could be paying too much already! Whilst interest rates are rising, so are house prices. If your house is worth more than when you last took a mortgage out on it, you may find that you could be eligible for a lower rate as your LTV (loan to value) has changed.

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According to, 100% of our customers would recommend us.

100% of customers who have used Prospect Tree Mortgages would recommend them

You will find our mortgage advisors are helpful, friendly, and professional – exactly what you need to help you navigate the complex mortgage marketplace.

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Interest rates change daily, so you may find that you could miss out on a rate if you leave it too long.

Did you know, it is possible to secure many remortgage rates up to 6 months prior to your current product ending – so get in touch, and find out what you could save.

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