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Mortgages for CIS contractors

Are you self-employed in the construction industry? This could make your mortgage application a whole lot easier!

What is CIS?

The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) gives subcontractors the ability to present their earnings as pre-tax gross income, rather than final post-tax profit.

This helps self-employed individuals obtain mortgages as their pre-tax gross income will often be much higher than their final post-tax profit. This additional income can help obtain a higher loan amount and even speed up to approval process.

One year’s books?

Needing three years accounts often proves a real challenge for self-employed individuals seeking a mortgage. Whether it’s because of expenses skewing your figures, or simply not having a three-year track record – it can often feel as though the odds are stacked against you.

Rejoice! When you are a CIS contractor, the lender will only be interested in your last 12 months income history.

Higher Loans

Being able to demonstrate you have a higher yearly income will also benefit the amount which lenders are comfortable offering you on a mortgage.

Preferential Rates

Certain lenders will offer preferential rates to individuals who earn over a certain threshold. So, if you can evidence a higher income through the CIS scheme then you could also find yourself with better options.

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