Downsizing to a smaller home means less upkeep, lower bills and more time to do the things you love!

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We’re used to talking about the endless quest for more space. Moving up the ladder, swapping a flat for a house, extending into the loft, extending into the side return, converting the garage – the basic assumption is that everybody needs more square footage and will keep on going until they get there. But what then?  

The reality is that people who have spent their lives chasing space are likely to find themselves living alone in large houses once their children have left home – and where they might have once needed every inch, large houses with lots of stairs and an abundance of rooms to heat become less practical and more of a burden as people get older. The solution? Downsizing. Selling up and moving back down the ladder, ideally to a ground floor flat or a bungalow where a stair-free future brings relief and ease.

Everything is cyclical, and like the changing of the seasons, so too our aging population looks to make that most difficult of moves, the downsize. The rising cost of energy and travel make moving to somewhere stylish, yet practical and affordable an appealing choice, if that most difficult of balancing act can be achieved, putting a quart into a pint pot, that is, downsizing.”

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Of course, it’s not easy. Not only do we amass furniture and possessions over the course of a lifetime, but we become attached to them and the emotional pull of a much-loved family home cannot be underestimated. But moving to somewhere smaller and more manageable, with fewer possessions can be a positive act, not only in making a break from the past, but also in freeing up equity and welcoming smaller energy bills. 

The issue for most, is, understandably, they do not really want to leave the comfort of the home they have created, loved, and paid for all these years. Familiar furnishing and cherished possessions provide important links with the past and must, wherever possible, fit into their future. Family homes are designed for just that, but, once the nest is emptied, they become burdensome, expensive places to heat and maintain. That once favourite large garden becomes an unwelcome thief of time and resources.”

So the ideal downsize is something big enough for prized possessions and family gatherings, yet small enough to feel comfortable. Downsizing can be daunting and overwhelming, but an established agent with experience in the field can help match prospective buyers with the right properties and offer support throughout the process of buying and selling. Downsizing is a brave step, but Winkworth’s professional agents are able to guide people through it with ease.

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