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Are people still leaving London?

People have always moved out of London in their droves, just as people have always migrated towards the capital in large numbers. The pandemic served to increase the outward traffic, and briefly it looked as though a mass exodus was afoot. But is that still the case in our post-pandemic reality? Are people still leaving town, and if so, where are they going?

Of course they are. There are lots of reasons to leave London. Families leave for schools and green space, and the lure of the country is a strong motivator for jaded urbanites. New hybrid ways of working at home and in the office mean that commuters who don’t need to travel daily can cast their nets further afield, and once people see what the value of their London properties can buy them elsewhere, many are tempted. 

Ashford being only 39 minutes on the high speed line, Canterbury just an hour, and Faversham having routes to London, moving to a South East destination is a great choice for people moving out of the Capital

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