Mortgages for Rugby Professionals

We are experts in sourcing the best suited mortgages for Rugby Professionals. We understand the intricacies of your employment and can help you by giving you the best mortgage and protection advice.

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Mortgages for Rugby Professionals

Prospect Tree Mortgages secure mortgages for Rugby players playing both Rugby Union and Rugby League in the UK. We also work with expatriates and foreign nationals living outside the UK that wish to finance property in the UK.

We work with Rugby players with various length contracts, including players with their first professional Rugby contract.

​Prospect Tree Mortgages are Independent and as such have the widest possible network of lenders able to consider lending to professional Rugby players.

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As a Professional Rugby player, you may also have media and advertising opportunities, Prospect tree Mortgages are able to utilise this income to assist with your total borrowing power.

A Rugby players income

Similar to a professional footballer, a professional Rugby player will have a contract with a Club that employs them. The contract length can vary but will have a commencement and termination date.

​The Rugby Football Union (RFU) approved contract will stipulate the basic income. The contract will also state the basic salary and any individual and team bonuses a player may receive.

Prospect Tree Mortgages - official Rugby Players Association partner
Official Partners – Rugby Players Association

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Prospect Tree Mortgages are very proud to be the RPA’s Mortgage Partner. The Rugby Players Association in the representative body and collective voice of professional rugby players in England. The RPA represent more than 800 male and female rugby players, as well as 400 former players.

How do lenders treat Rugby contract income?

Not all lenders are happy to lend where the contract is not permanent. This excludes many sports professionals on fixed term contracts, such as professional Rugby players. 

As an independent Mortgage Broker with access to the entire mortgage market we work with lenders that will use 100% of the basic salary plus any bonuses received. 

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In addition, many of the players we work with have income from advertising and sponsorship. 

It is often the case that a player may have set up a Ltd company for additional income sources such as these and others. We will be able to find the right lender that will use this income in addition to your main contracted income.

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Prospect Tree Mortgages specialise in securing mortgages for rugby professionals. As a professional, Independent Mortgage Brokers, we have access to lenders that can be flexible with their lending criteria. 

​When securing a mortgage for rugby professionals we will use our knowledge and contacts to ensure we secure the best possible terms for your situation. We work on your behalf so that you do not have to take time out of your busy day to negotiate with mortgage lenders. We secure both Residential and Buy-to-Let mortgages on UK property.

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