Daniel Bell-Drummond renews sponsorship with Prospect Tree Mortgages.

Prospect Tree Mortgages re-sign Daniel Bell-Drummond as ambassador for yet another season

Daniel Bell-Drummond has renewed his ambassadorship with Prospect Tree mortgages for another year.

“I’m delighted to have Prospect Tree as my sponsor again for the upcoming season!” said the Kent Cricketer.

Nick Daynes, Marketing director commented “we are over the moon to have re-signed Daniel for another season. It has been fantastic supporting him over the past year and we look forward to continuing to develop our relationship”.

We asked Daniel to shed some light on his personal experiences in the property market.

So, Daniel, when did you start investing in property?

“I first got involved with property around 7 to 8 years ago now, so quite a while ago now”

How did you get into it?

“Well, it was quite a smooth transition for me as my dad was an investor himself and I learned quite a lot from him growing up and it’s something I really enjoy”

How has your experience been with it?

“Well, it’s something I really enjoy alongside my cricket as it gives me a perspective on things. Obviously, it can come with its difficulties”.

What would you recommend for any buyers out there?

“What is key for me is getting the right professional advice when dealing with my properties. It can be very daunting when you are just starting out, so I recommend getting the best advice possible”.

How has the team at Prospect Tree helped you?

“they’ve been brilliant with me and are people I trust very much. They take me through things every step of the way which makes it a smooth transition”

Thanks Daniel!

Prospect Tree mortgages are specialists in mortgages for Sports professionals and understand the nuances of their income and how lenders appraise it. That’s why cricket professionals such as Daniel Bell-Drummond trust Prospect Tree to source and organise the best mortgage products available to them so they can focus on the game.

Daniel Bell-Drummond on Property investing

We don’t just do mortgages for sports professionals! So if you need advice, speak to one of our independent mortgage experts today.

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