Boost Your Cash Flow and Expand Your Services

At Prospect Tree Mortgages, we partner with introducers such as estate agents, accountants, solicitors, and surveyors to provide our clients with expert mortgage advice. As an introducer, you can expand your services and earn commissions by referring your clients to us for their mortgage needs. Our team of experienced mortgage advisors will work closely with you and your clients to find the best mortgage deals and provide tailored advice that meets their individual needs. Join our introducer program today and discover how partnering with us can help you grow your business and provide your clients with the best possible service.

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Why work with Prospect Tree Mortgages?

Expand your offering

By partnering with Prospect Tree Mortgages, you can offer your clients access to expert mortgage advice and support, which can enhance your offering and help you provide additional value to your clients.

Increase your revenue

As an introducer, you can earn commissions on successful mortgage and protection applications , which can help to increase your revenue and cash flow in to your business.

Access exclusive deals

We have access to exclusive deals and lenders, which can help ensure that your clients receive the best possible mortgage deal.

Strengthen Client Relationships

By referring your clients to Prospect Tree Mortgages, you can help them achieve their mortgage goals and strengthen your relationship with them.

Streamlined process

Our streamlined process and efficient communication can help make the mortgage application process as smooth and stress-free as possible for you and your clients.

Expert Support & Guidance

At Prospect Tree Mortgages, we have a team of experienced mortgage advisors who can offer expert advice and support throughout the mortgage application process.

Who could introduce to Prospect Tree Mortgages?

If you regularly speak to customers who also require mortgage advice, then your business could be a good fit to partner with Prospect Tree Mortgages. To find out more, including information on renumeration, please email our marketing manager.

Below we’ve listed some of the most common businesses we partner with. Don’t worry if your business isn’t listed, you can still enquire with us to find out more.

Estate Agents

Working with Prospect Tree Mortgages can help estate agents streamline their sales process by ensuring their buyers are pre-qualified for a mortgage, which can save time and reduce the number of failed transactions. Additionally, as mortgage experts, we can help agents provide additional value to their clients by offering them a wider range of services beyond just property sales.


Accountants can add value to their clients by offering them mortgage advice as part of their overall financial planning. This can help their clients achieve their financial goals and also increase customer loyalty. We can also help accountants by providing insight into the financial impact of mortgage decisions and ensuring their clients have access to the best possible mortgage deal.


Solicitors can benefit from working with Prospect Tree Mortgages by offering their clients a one-stop-shop for legal and mortgage advice. This can help simplify the home buying process and improve customer satisfaction. Additionally, we can work with solicitors to ensure the legal and financial aspects of the home buying process are aligned, reducing the risk of any issues arising.

Property Developers

Property developers can benefit from working with Prospect Tree Mortgages by offering mortgage advice as part of their package to potential buyers. By partnering with us, they can provide a more comprehensive service to their clients and potentially increase sales. We can also provide insight into market trends and help identify areas where there is potential for development.

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Always a quick email away if we had any questions and the whole team were so friendly to communicate with…

Introducer Renumeration

If you’re interested in becoming a Prospect Tree Mortgages introducer then you should email our marketing manager to discuss packages. Each introducer agreement is handled on a case by case basis and your individual commission package will be agreed with you before we complete your application.

Prospect Tree Mortgages will pay an agreed percentage of ALL commissions we generate from a client you pass to us, this includes any additional services sold such as life insurance or income protection.

What services can Prospect Tree Mortgages offer your clients?

Prospect Tree Mortgages are independent mortgage brokers with access to the entire intermediary market. Unlike some brokers we aren’t tied to a specific panel, which means we truly are the one stop for all of your clients mortgage and protection needs.

Partnership Opportunities with Prospect Tree Mortgages - Enable You To Offer Your Clients: 

Remortgages, Home Movers, First Time Buyers, Investments, Equity Release, Large Loans, Bridging Loans, Second Charge, Protection

By working with Prospect Tree Mortgages you could offer your clients the following:


This is when a client switches their mortgage to a new lender without moving home. It can help your client save money on their repayments.

Home movers

This is when a client is moving to a new home and needs a new mortgage. It can help the client smoothly transition to their new home.

First-time Buyers

This is when your client is purchasing their first home and needs a mortgage. We’ll help your client navigate the complex process.


This is when a client purchases a property to rent out as an investment. We can help expand your clients portfolio.

Equity Release

This is when a client releases equity from their property, usually for retirement purposes. Helping clients take control of retirement.

Large Loans

This is when a client needs to purchase a high-value property which high-street lenders are not comfortable lending on.

Bridging Loans

This is a short-term loan to help clients bridge the gap between buying a new property and selling their current one.

Second Charge

This is a second mortgage taken out against a property that already has an existing mortgage without remortgaging.


Insurance products that protect your client and their property. We pay commissions on life insurance too.

How to become a Prospect Tree Mortgages Introducer

To find out more you should get in touch with our marketing team. They will be able to answer any of your questions regarding the programme and help you get your application started. Use the form below to register your interest with our marketing department. Alternatively, click here to start your application online.

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