Your booking has been confirmed

We are looking forward to speaking with you and helping you with your mortgage needs. Please read the information on this page to prepare for your appointment with your specialist.

Do I need to provide documents?

We will need to support your mortgage application with evidence in the form of documents. The documents required can differ from person to person as each mortgage we organise is bespoke to the individual. Your broker will explain what documents you need to provide and when.

What information should I have ready?

It’s important for you to have certain information available in order to get the most from your appointment. You should be prepared to discuss your income, your debts and your goals regarding the mortgage. Don’t worry if you’re unsure about any of this, your broker will help you with it.

Joint applications

If you want to discuss a joint application, please be prepared to discuss the relevant information for all individuals who will be party to the mortgage.

Important Information

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