Workplace Mortgage Clinics

Workplace Financial Workshops

We believe that financial wellness should be free for all! That’s why we partner with companies around the UK and deliver financial wellbeing workshops for their staff. If you are interested in becoming a financial well being partner read on to find out more, or click the link below to get started.

Workplace Mortgage clinics

How we can help

We help your employees understand their mortgage and protection options. We know from experience that people often don’t know where to get help or advice. Many people simply delay or overlook these important financial decisions.

We all have busy lives and often find it hard to fit in all the things we know we really should do but can’t find the time. With our ‘Workplace Mortgage Clinic’ we are able to bring the advice to you. We will come to the workplace at a convenient time in order to maximise the number of employees who can benefit from speaking to us.

How the clinics work

One to one meetings – Meetings would typically be 20-30 minutes. Employees who may need mortgage advice or simply have questions about anything mortgage related.

​Further conversations would then continue outside of the work environment as required.

Lunch & Learn sessions – We provide short talks on mortgage, finances and protection within the workplace for employees where there may be a particular need. These have included “Buying your first home, where to start!” and “Protecting our loved ones, it’s our responsibility”, although they can be tailored to the needs of your employees specifically.​

Wellbeing Focus Days – Many organisations have employee  benefits or wellbeing days where a number of their benefit providers educate your employees, updating them on their employee benefits.

​Financial wellbeing is a key part of this and can be on hand to answer any mortgage or protection related questions

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