What documents do I need to get a mortgage?

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What Documents will I need to provide to get a mortgage?

So, you are applying for a mortgage. How do you prove you can do what you say you can? 

The answer lies in a list of documents requested by your broker and lender, and is for most clients, the part of the application process they dread. Some of the more common questions when documents are requested can be;

Do I really need to send you all these months bank statements?

I haven’t got my last pay slip, does this matter?


Can’t you just apply and see what the lender asks for?

The fact of the matter is that when asking to borrow a large amount of money you will need to provide plenty of evidence to verify certain things, for both the lenders and the brokers benefit. 
These will include;

  • Who you are
  • You can afford to pay the mortgage
  • Your deposit is from a legitimate source 

There should be no surprises for you as a client when documents are requested, it should be made clear what the expectations are in this department right for the outset. No one will give you a mortgage without evidence you can afford it, your documents fulfil this task.

Luckily these days we are able to accept scanned copies of documents, as well as online bank statements and online pay slips. This means Prospect Tree Mortgages are able to help you wherever you are based.

Documents required upon application

Employed Applicants

Latest 3 months pay slips (13 if received weekly) If overtime, bonuses or commission is being used additional pay slips evidencing this will be required. Your P60 is a useful document to have handy as well as it shows your total income for the last financial year. Latest 3 months bank statements (for all current accounts) Photo ID, Proof of address, Proof of deposit (if a purchase). There could be more documents requested at any time by your broker or the lender you are applying to.

Self Employed

Latest 2 years full accounts or SA302 year-end tax calculations (along with the corresponding tax year overview) from HMRC. Proof of address, photo ID, latest 3 months bank statements (for all current accounts) There could be more documents requested at any time by your broker or the lender you are applying to.

This gives you an idea of the documents required to complete a mortgage application, but is by no means an exhaustive list. Once we have carried out the initial fact finding process with a client we will always request a specific list of documents based on their individual circumstances and requirements.

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