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The Prospect Tree Forest continues to flourish

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The Prospect Tree Forest continues to flourish

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As we move away from March and into April we have totted up our new customer enquiries and are delighted to be able to fund yet another 100 trees for planting in the Prospect Tree Mortgages Forest.

Of course the ‘Prospect Tree Mortgages Forest’ isn’t a real place – but a collection of the trees which we’ve planted throughout the world.

Where are we planting trees?

With the help of Ecologi, we’ve been able to plant trees in:

  • Uganda
  • Madagascar
  • Kenya
Avicennia Marina (Mangrove) trees being planted in Madagascar – part of the Marotaola project

Ecologi work with planting partners around the world in order to deliver the huge numbers of trees which need planting thanks to their projects.

Why Ecologi

When we did our research, Ecologi were the obvious choice. Their clearly defined goals are what attracted us to them as a business.

Ecologi update their contributors regularly and provide complete transparency with their projects down to details like providing receipts for their orders.

What’s next for Prospect Tree?

We aim to continue planting more and more trees. We’ve made a commitment to plant as many Trees per month as we have new customer enquiries.

So the more customers who enquire, the more trees we will plant.

Why use Prospect Tree Mortgages?

You shouldn’t choose your mortgage advisor based on how many trees they plant.

Book a mortgage appointment with Expert Mortgage Broker Phil King CeMAP

Not only that, but as we are whole of market, you can relax in the knowledge that you’re looking at all of the best deals which are available to you and your unique circumstances.

So if you’re looking for a mortgage, give Prospect Tree a try. In the unlikely event that we can’t save you money, you’ll lose nothing, but the planet will gain a tree.

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