Reserve an Interest Rate Today and Protect Yourself from Future Interest Rate Rises

Why reserve an interest rate?

Reserving an interest rate enables you to protect yourself against future interest rate rises. It does this by locking in a rate today for later use.

Who can reserve an interest rate?

Anyone can apply to reserve an interest rate, but you can’t reserve it forever. So you should check with us to find out the optimal time for you to reserve your rate.

Will I pay an ERC (Early Repayment Charge)?

No, we will organise your new mortgage so it switches at the right time and does not overlap with any current commitments you have made.

Can I change my mind?

Yes, if your reserved rate is no longer suitable, or we’ve found something better then you can switch without any hassle.

Get started

Ready to find out if you can reserve an interest rate? Click ‘Find out now’ to check whether you’re eligible.

Why choose Prospect Tree?

Prospect Tree Mortgages are independent mortgage experts based in the UK. Through us, you can access the entire intermediary mortgage market and be confident that you’ve secured the best mortgage deal for your individual circumstances.

Access the whole market:

Access the best mortgage options available to you in the whole intermediary market, with no panel restrictions and exclusive rates.

Quick turnaround times:

Enjoy a swift and seamless mortgage process, helping you secure your remortgage deal more quickly and with minimum hassle and stress.

Competitive rates:

Work with the top lenders in the market and secure the most competitive mortgage rates available to you and your individual circumstances.

Tailored solutions:

Our independent status enables us to tailor your mortgage solutions to your specific needs. We’ll help negotiate the best terms for you with the lender.

Comprehensive protection:

Access comprehensive protection advice and safeguard your home and finances against unexpected events. Just like our mortgages, we can access the entire protection market too.

Outstanding Service

Excellent at dealing with our remortgage, the service they provided was outstanding. Throughout the process they were happy to answer any questions we had. Within less than 2 weeks I had a mortgage offer confirmed and it was completely stress free thanks to all their help.

Need a reminder?

If you want us to remind you when it’s time to start looking at your mortgage renewal, then give us a few details for now, and we’ll get back in touch closer to the time.

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