Mortgage payment holiday coming to an end…


As we move into September many people will be finding their payment holidays coming to an end, be it overdrafts, credit cards or mortgages. With the current economic climate looking turbulent to say the least and unemployment highly likely to rise throughout the rest of 2020 as the government’s furlough scheme finishes at the end of October.

Borrowers looking to get ahead of the curve and avoid any unnecessary interest could save themselves some money by switching to a new product with a lower interest rate. The mortgage is extremely likely to be the largest monthly outgoing for a homeowner and therefore making sure you have the best deal available is imperative when looking into cost savings. With mortgage rates remaining at incredibly low levels there has never been a better opportunity to make savings.

We would carry out a free mortgage health check to see if a client would benefit from switching mortgage products, as there are a number of factors to consider when working out what the cheapest options is going forward.

The mortgage market continues to be a difficult arena to navigate with lenders criteria changing regularly. Those that have taken a mortgage payment holiday or been on furlough may find it more difficult to remortgage than they have previously. Some lenders have started to not accept furlough as income for a mortgage application for example. Borrowers who are able to resume full repayments are encouraged to do this as quickly as they are able, while consumers taking payment holidays or reduced payments should keep in mind that interest continues to be accumulated during this period.

As part of our mortgage health check process we will be able to advise on what options are available and whether or not this would be beneficial in the long run for the client.

And for those that now need to take a mortgage payment holiday these remain open for applications until 31 October 2020. Consumers who are struggling to meet mortgage repayments should contact their lender immediately to discuss their options. Those who are struggling with debt can also get information and support from Citizen Advice or a free debt charity.

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