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October 2020

Starting a new venture should always be a challenge.

​Whether it be business or lifestyle, trying something new should create some level of anxiety but this feeling should, at the same time be outweighed by the immense feelings of excitement. 

Having been an estate agent since my early twenties I can confidently say that I love the job. The level of satisfaction felt when you know that your input has directly helped someone on their journey is almost indescribable. 

Sadly, when working for large companies, the pressures of targets and generating income can sometimes mean that you lose sight of why you should be actually doing the job in the first place and contrary to popular belief, estate agency has very little to do with houses! This was really highlighted to me recently when conducting job interviews for new staff. One young man expressed his interest in houses as opposed to the second applicant who spoke about their  passion for helping people…

To say that this year has been strange is an understatement. The Covid pandemic has had a profound effect on almost every aspect of everyday life and the housing market is no different. It was partly during lockdown that I started to have thoughts of branching out and going alone. Clients, buyers and sellers really appreciated the time that I was able to spend in having conversations. By really getting to know people I was able to be even more genuine and credible in my actions to get things moving.

Having discussed and talked it through with family friends, I decided to start the ball rolling. I confided in a trusted colleague who I thought may have been feeling the same and together the dream started to become a reality…

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Written By Tim Mockford

Director of Mockford and Hunt Estate Agents

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