Mortgages for Police Officers

Working for the UK police force is a demanding job, leaving little time for you to organise a mortgage – let alone do all of the research that comes with it. We are here to help you find the best mortgages available to you and do all of the hard work, so you don’t have to.

What are Police Officer mortgages?

There aren’t specific mortgages for Policer Officers available at the moment. However, you will find that certain lenders offer more favourable criteria for police officers than others. We are here to help you find the best mortgage products for your circumstances.

Do Police Officers get a discount?

As there are no specific ‘Police Officer Mortgages’ you won’t find rate discounts for being a Police Officer. However, many lenders look favourably upon those who work for the Police as they will view you as a ‘Professional’. This means you may find that you may have access to better mortgage products which you wouldn’t do if you were in a different profession.

Who counts a Police worker?

  • Chief Superintendent (Police Service)
  • CID Officer
  • Detective Inspector
  • Detective (Police Service)
  • Police Constable
  • Police Officer
  • Sergeant
  • Transport Police Officer
  • Civilian Support Officer
  • Community Support Officer
  • Police Community Support Officer

What benefits can I get by working for the Police?

Certain lenders offer favourable criteria by working for the Police. One such lender is currently offering an increased multiplier of 7 times your annual salary if you are employed and earning a minimum of £25,000 a year. This is a great benefit as most lenders offer between 4 and 5 times your yearly salary.

How much can I borrow as a Police Officer?

Like all mortgage applications, your affordability will be calculated using various factors, some examples are:

  • Income
  • Financial Commitments
  • Dependents
  • Joint/ Sole Application
  • Credit history

As we’ve found out, most lenders offer 4 -4.5x your salary, some will offer 5 – 5.5x and a few specialist lenders could offer you 7x your salary for being a Police Officer.

Can I use shift allowances and overtime?

Absolutely! Your shift allowance and overtime is part of your income as a Police Officer so lenders will take it into consideration when deciding how much they could lend you.

Some lenders view ‘bonus’ income differently to others. Some will use 100% of it when calculating how much they will lend you and others will only take 50% of it into consideration.

This is where it is beneficial to speak to an expert, who can weigh up the pros and cons of various lenders and products to find you the mortgage which best suits your needs.

How does it work?

Step one to getting the best mortgage available to you and your circumstances

Book your free initial chat

We will start off by finding out everything we need to know so we can begin extensive market research for you.

Step two is discussing your mortgage options and finding the best rates available to you

Discuss your options

Once we’ve found the best mortgages available from the marketplace, we will get back in touch and discuss your options.

Step 3 is helping you apply for the best mortgage available to you

Progress your application

Once you are ready, we will apply for the mortgage on your behalf. Progressing the application right through to the end.

Book yourself into our diary

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